Michael L. Woodley, A.I.A., is the president of Woodley Architectural Group, Inc., with offices in Southern California and Denver, Colorado. Michael has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of housing types. His work spans high-density, multi-story to high-end custom homes. Woodley Architectural Group is working with some of the most respected and successful builders across the United States. Michael’s hands-on approach and interactive design charrette process has established him as a highly successful, innovative architect, sought out by a wide variety of home builders across the nation and abroad. Michael personally leads his team with a passion for design that is a key element in the reputation and success of the Woodley Architectural Group. His passion, retail approach to housing and sensitivity to project budget has been instrumental in winning widespread industry recognition. Michael is a graduate from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and is registered in California, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Florida, and Nevada. He is a member of the A.I.A, N.A.H.B, and B.I.A. Michael has been a featured speaker at P.C.B.C., N.A.H.B., and A.I.A. functions. He has also judged major design competitions throughout the country.

Debra Falese, A.I.A., is president of the Woodley Architectural Group, Inc., California office, and is in charge of the day-to-day operations, bringing her energy and passion to the design process. In addition to being a hands-on manager, overseeing all aspects of the business, she has been instrumental in all projects throughout the United States, as well as international projects. Having worked with Michael Woodley for 20 years, they have established a creative flow resulting in hundreds of highly acclaimed projects shaping the housing industry for our clients both here and abroad. Debra received her architec­tural degree in 1987 from the University of Oregon and has been a featured speaker at P.C.B.C. She is licensed in California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Hawaii, and Colorado.